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No barnacles, no algae, just dead biofilm, easily removed by a high pressure cleaner:

yacht Gulliver (equipped with Harsonic ultrasonic transducers): just out of the water, after 30 months:


Grizzly Kotug Smit_boxcooler

Union Panda Kotug Smit_diver report

Union Panda Kotug Smit_screenshot diver video

A diver inspected the boxcoolers of the URS-Smit tugboat Union Panda after a 14 months NO CURE NO PAY BiofilmFree© with Harsonic® installation:

< Dear,

We did indeed dive on the Union Panda to have the condition of the box coolers checked 14 months after installing Harsonic. The only thing we have seen is a very limited layer of biofilm on the tube bundle and cabinet. No smallpox, mussels or algae were visible. This was a very good result.

We do not have a report on this yet.

Best regards

With kind regards,
Stijn van Beneden
Fleet Manager >


The original mail (in Dutch):



Kotug Smit tugboat SD SHARK

Union 8


Again a new installation of Harsonic ultrasonic transducers on the boxcoolers of a tugboat:

the Union Hawk, Kotug Smit (former URS):

Kotug Smit Union Hawk boxcoolers W41


Azimut yacht, port of Breskens (NL)

Harsonic® ultrasonic transducers on the hull: result (after 1 year) under independent supervision

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ISAAC NEWTON, Jan De Nul Group (DJN):

Harsonic® ultrasonic transducers on the boxcoolers:

Isaac Newton DJN

Isaac Newton DJN_2

Isaac Newton DJN_3


Another amazing testimonial

This new boat got an antifouling coating and two Harsonic® ultrasonic transponders five years ago. This is the result after five years in water! Amazing clean hull:




Thnx reference Willy Pardon


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